Beginning: Sending the Gift Card

This is the initial handwritten email and what I am calling the gift card. 'Fragile' being that it is my skin and the surrounding airspace and 'perishable' being that skin cells regenerate approximately every 48 days so this is the length of possession. I see the time and the site as parameters to work within. This gift-card-email got great responses. Everyone seemed really excited about the prospect of getting a gift from me and I hope they still feel so when they realize what it is I am giving. I am very interested in that response and continuing the conversation. It's very difficult to decide how and who you trust with yourself and information. That said, there are more people than those participating here that I would and do trust. Unfortunately this is what I was able to manage under a restricted amount of time. I am hoping larger and similar projects will surface to include more people in the future.

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