This project is on hiatus for the next few months while I finish up another chapter on this idea of exchange and ownership. All the sites here have since expired and I am tinkering with a different foundation of the same idea. I want to thank all my friends that participated and all of those that took the time to read this blog in the confusing backwards order that is their signature.
Contact me with questions, comments and please check back after a time and see what new work is going on!




It kind of feels like owning a star. I know that it's real and that it's out there, somewhere, but at the same time it's just an idea too. It's easy to forget about. I don't want to make changes to the star; I'm just glad that it exists and I want it to stay the way it is. So in that sense I don't feel a great sense of ownership or responsibility.
However, I was talking to someone about the project the other day and they asked me if I would trade my site for one of their works of art. I thought that was an interesting idea. Is that allowed?
Give it a squeeze and tug for me-


Site 10 made this for her site. It's worn pinned over her location almost everyday (sometimes I forget to attach it and she lives close enough to reprimand me).


Lucky site 7, My ASS!

How can I care for you, when I can't even care for myself? Dallas, I am in charge of a certain part of your lower back/ butt area. I feel like a fraud. I shouldn't have accepted this proposal. When I opened the invitation and saw the part you were offering I was shocked. That is THE EXACT spot on me that is always sore. I tried to convince myself that since you would still be in charge of the muscles it might be ok. NOT SO! I have also have a mole on that part of me that has been morphing for a few months and I need to get it looked at by a dermatologist. I am unqualified for this ownership thing. What should I do?


#14s Acceptance

hi it's #14,
i accept.
i'm just a humble swath of forearm, how could i decline

Request from #19

dear ultimate keeper,

please let me have a moment's notice tomorrow. We have such a short time together. Maybe you could bring me just a taste of sunlight.

I promise to reward you with an extra dose of vitamin D should you take me up on my request. please do let me know.

keeper of 19, aka 19

Walk with #10 by Care Taker

Interesting how yours were all very open and outside and on the walk I took with your site in mind all resulted in feeling very boxed in...



Dear Care Taker,
On the lovely afternoon of April 16th, I placed my button on the equivalent part of my body. I took a walk, and recorded the views from my location, Number Ten.

Now, with my camera, I request you do the same exercise with the actual Number Ten. Ideally, without the barrier of clothing obscuring the view.
Thank you.
Love, this keeper.
dear you,

i am just checking in on my balmy piece of property... wondering if you followed any of my directions... for all i know you could be walking around with spray antiperspirant on and developing a rash! i don't think this is the case but i am checking in anyhow. we talked earlier about growing things on my site- i am also wondering about the progress of that and the real or fake results that you may report to me. i am starting to feel like i will be sad when my plot expires... not because of the ownership idea... but because we are always so far away from one another all the time and this weird internet closeness (or the idea of closeness) has made that distance not seem so big. any how i hope you are well and not overwatering my area with all of this stress! love you armpit! a + armpit 4-eva! 



I would like to be your friend.
It is so windy I worry about chapping and chafing.
I am off to get bow rosin.
Some of which will get all over you, 9.
Apologies ahead of time.



On May 31, 2008 4:52:39 PM EDT #9s gift expires.


#11 accepted

On May 27, 2008 5:08:01 AM EDT site 11s gift expires.



On May 24, 2008 9:37:58 PM EDT #12s gift expires.

I have received the letter. I will gladly except #12. Thank you.


On May 23, 2008 4:48:50 PM EDT #7s gift expires.

I got it. Signed the deed, sent the card, make a myspace and am already having feelings.
Thanks for your body part. I really appreciate it! Love love love


i definitely feel most comfortable as an observer at this point when it comes to myspace. it's very weird; i feel so naked, totally exposed or about to be. anyway, i'll work on that. i have your former wrist pinned to my wrist [left wrist] right now.

feelings of exposure:
somehow it feels less exposing having you as an intermediary. i have a really hard time letting go of my side of this. i don't use my name for the myspace account. i'm number 21. so what's the problem? like why can't i take on some alter ego fully own up to my part of the bargain. maybe that's why i have 48 days with your wrist. i'm trying to compare this to owning a star in space. but it's not quite the same. for one thing i don't think i'd much care about owning a star. this is much more personal and the distance between myself and this number 21 area i temporarily have ownership of is within reach. i don't know, maybe it would be some six hours in a car...


  • sunny and moderately dry, warm enough for minor exposure, sun protection suggested
  • all sites ventured by bicycle to a maple fest for 2 dollar pancakes, some gland dampness occurred within the 16 miles
  • post ride: sites 10, 2, 6, 9, 12, 14, & 17 seemed to have acquired a new pink tone of happiness
  • site 2 experiencing severe niacin flushing again, problem becoming more frequent, began at 10:47AM and continuing
  • site 21 under repairs, seems to be healing nicely
  • site 1 emitting seemingly noxious gases, affecting others in surrounding locale
  • site 12 is having moisture containment difficulties, lubricants used frequently
  • site 13 witnessed 2 hives due to stress on land came and went within one half of a day
  • no real news is good news



Hey! I got the packet...and I am really excited!

I am also very touched by the whole project.

You'll be hearing from me soon...

#20 accepted




Site 21 was accidentally injured today. During a long printing session a metal ruler swiped too close to the location and tore through the top layer of skin.
-No mineral leakage.
-Permanent damage: Unknown
-Action taken: Holding


  • site 6 had an ink spill, forces are working hard in getting it cleaned up
  • site 7 is more arid than usual
  • site 2 was having some severe niacin flushing between 8am and 3pm

#4 dressed up

this was on the front stoop of my studio this morning. i have been wearing it all day, but it's so
light it keeps flying out....restless peacock...

how much is this about giving me a gift or just simply decorating what you own?


  • dry, sunny but cool conditions today, moderate amount of sleep. roughly 4 hours.
  • site 12 was brushed with arm and hammer toothpaste. some kiehls lipgloss was applied
  • sites 2 & 4 cucumber/basil lotion from bed bath and beyond was applied
  • site 1 natures gate tea tree/almond deodorant was applied
  • sites 6,9 &17 were exposed to red#6 JELLO from shaking hands with a performance artist at an opening
  • site 4 had a post of metal visiting for most of the day


#3 here


#1 is in

On May 18, 2008 at 12:43:27 PM EDT #1s gift expires.


i am too far away to smell now, so i will have to trust you.
i am asking you not to use antiperspirant on my site since the aluminum is not good for you and could leech into other sites. I don't want to be responsible for contaminating the ground water... not on my watch!
i am okay with natural deod0rants though...
if you want to shave my site you can... but maybe you won't shave around it so that our boundaries will be clear? good fences make good neighbors? maybe not. i guess your not doing anything is just like mine, its still something. we had a friend who sat still for 2 weeks with chicken eggs in HIS armpits so that they could hatch... (then he taught the chickens to play keyboards and went on tour in japan...) we could do that but your other sites probably have other plans. we will think of something. learning by osmosis?

anyhow, i signed my deed April 1, 2008 around 12noon. Postcard is in the mail.

Take care armpit, don't be afraid to cry.

#23 signed

On May 19, 2008 at 8:50:12 AM EDT #23s gift expires.

great! i got the stuff and signed the document as of today april 2nd 2008.
right now youre in my pocket and on my shirt. do tell.