#4 dressed up

this was on the front stoop of my studio this morning. i have been wearing it all day, but it's so
light it keeps flying out....restless peacock...

how much is this about giving me a gift or just simply decorating what you own?


Alicia Eggert said...

It's kind of like buying new clothes for your favorite Barbie, and also kind of like trading one sock with your best friend so you can both have the same mismatched pair.

the Care Taker said...

I really like this idea of equal trading. Normally with exchange we don't think of it as a form of solidarity, as best friends would. It's for profit or for showiness.
Something for gain. Not proof of support.
I had someone ask me today what I collected. I had a very difficult time answering. I don't see anything that I own as a collection and if it seems to be something I wouldn't mind having more of, I still generally only have one. A bunch of ones is a collection, but I have no system of collecting that I recognize. I can see buying as collecting. Consuming. But then I questioned whether I had anything to show for all the non-collecting I do. I feel that there is a link here and I am just trying to figure it out.

"In a barter society, goods are exchanged in a way that directly relates one item to another by consideration of the "specific useful and concrete labor" used to produce the object. The objects exchanged are tied closely both to the use-value of the objects (their immediate usefulness) and to the real, material labor expended to produce the object. In capitalism, that concrete labor tends to get translated into an abstract quantity that can then stand as an equivalent-form that one can use to determine the exchangeability of all sorts of products"(Marx, Capital 150).