#1 is in

On May 18, 2008 at 12:43:27 PM EDT #1s gift expires.


i am too far away to smell now, so i will have to trust you.
i am asking you not to use antiperspirant on my site since the aluminum is not good for you and could leech into other sites. I don't want to be responsible for contaminating the ground water... not on my watch!
i am okay with natural deod0rants though...
if you want to shave my site you can... but maybe you won't shave around it so that our boundaries will be clear? good fences make good neighbors? maybe not. i guess your not doing anything is just like mine, its still something. we had a friend who sat still for 2 weeks with chicken eggs in HIS armpits so that they could hatch... (then he taught the chickens to play keyboards and went on tour in japan...) we could do that but your other sites probably have other plans. we will think of something. learning by osmosis?

anyhow, i signed my deed April 1, 2008 around 12noon. Postcard is in the mail.

Take care armpit, don't be afraid to cry.

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