• sunny and moderately dry, warm enough for minor exposure, sun protection suggested
  • all sites ventured by bicycle to a maple fest for 2 dollar pancakes, some gland dampness occurred within the 16 miles
  • post ride: sites 10, 2, 6, 9, 12, 14, & 17 seemed to have acquired a new pink tone of happiness
  • site 2 experiencing severe niacin flushing again, problem becoming more frequent, began at 10:47AM and continuing
  • site 21 under repairs, seems to be healing nicely
  • site 1 emitting seemingly noxious gases, affecting others in surrounding locale
  • site 12 is having moisture containment difficulties, lubricants used frequently
  • site 13 witnessed 2 hives due to stress on land came and went within one half of a day
  • no real news is good news

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confused said...

How is the facial flushing going now? Are you itchy and tingley?